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Item ACArmourAttackType1AttackType2AttackType3Attuned1Attuned2CHACONDAMDEXGPHPINTLUCKMagicPOWRegenerationRepelled1ResAciResBliResColResConResDeaResDepResDraResElecResFeaResFirResGhoResHolResMagResParResPoiResSloResWeaSPSpecialSpeedSTRSustenanceWCWeaponSpeedWIS
Cyclops Eye Shield of Dexterity315110-151
Abomination Shield31510-15201
Adventurer's Mantle110
Aengus' Elven Hood21151530God Relic: Aengus21
Alchemist's TalismanDetonationTransmutation
Alchemists Hood15111
Alchemists RingTransmutation22224
Alchemists Shield25212101
Amulet of Mistletoe12
Amulet of Shielding20
Angel Wand2510Casting time: 2.72
Angel Wing Helmet3151201521
Angel Wing Shield21010110521
Angel Wing SwordPhysicalWeaponmagic11
Assassin's Amulet1Stealth1
Aurum Garb1115
Baker's Gloves1Creation12
Bakers Boots2Creation22
Bamboo StickPhysical7
Bandit Belt27
Basic Bracers2
Basic Constitution Ring11
Basic Dexterity Ring11
Basic Power Ring11
Basic Speed Ring12
Basic Strength Ring11
Basic Wisdom Ring11
Belt of Crystal Heart18102
Black Bunny Body
Black Bunny Head110121
Black Bunny Legs
Black DaggerPhysical4
Black Easter Shield2101011
Black Jacket
Black Muscle Jacket With Purple
Blue Bunny Body
Blue Bunny Head110121
Blue Bunny Legs
Blue Crystal Boots2110-101
Blue Crystal Helmet3110-105
Blue Crystal Mail31120-20
Blue Dragon AmuletFrost230155
Blue Dragon Amulet Fragment115102
Blue Dragon ClawPhysicalCold3
Blue Dragon Shield2220-105
Blue Dragonhide Gloves1011551
Blue Easter Shield2101011
Blue Faerie StarPhysicalCold181
Bone Bracers31010
Bone Shield210520
Bone Skull Staff510Casting time: 2.900000095
Bone SwordPhysical9
Bracers of Ogma3115151515God Relic: Ogma11
Bread Stack
Broad SwordPhysical14
Bronze Boots31511
Bronze Bracers310110
Bronze Chain Mail318
Bronze Pawn Helmet25
Bronze Plate Mail424
Bronze Plate Mail of Woe424-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Bronze WarhammerPhysical1511
Bronze Warrior Helmet37
Bronze Warrior Helmet of Woe37-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Bunny Ears11
Bunny Mask11-1
Bunny Tail121
Carrot DaggerPhysical610
Celtic DaggerPhysicalAcid714
Celtic Shield2231
Chainmail of Lightning211515God Relic: Leucitious21
Chef's Hat10Creation12
Cloak of Eternal Frost5153
Cloak of Minor Protection2101
Cloak of Passion21
Cowboy Hat13
Cross Shield25
Crown of Leucetious21151525God Relic: Leucetious21
Crystal EdgePhysical4
Crystal WandProtection, Self, Mind2251
Cyclop's Belt110-1011
Cyclop's Eye Shield31010-201
Cyclop's Eye Shield of Power315101-151
Dagger of Fortune363
Dark Flame SwordPhysicalFireFear12
Dark Shirt
Death Grips1Acid115115
Demon Shield31515252
Demonic Belt1115-101
Demonic BladePhysicalDeath11
Demonic Helmet3115201
Demonic Shield31011021
Desert Bow12
DianCecht's Helmet211520God Relic: DianCecht21
DianCecht's Shield of Radiance415203God Relic: DianCecht11
Dragon Belt of Life31011010
Dragon Belt of Vibrancy251010101
Dragon Claw (Black)Physical5
Drift WoodPhysical4
Dustari Boots28Kingdom: Dustari, Unique2
Dustari Helmet25Kingdom: Dustari2
Dustari Shield215Kingdom: Dustari, Unique21
Dustari WandCasting time: 2.9
Dwarven Amulet111
Dwarven Warhammer of AgilityPhysicalPoison2032
Dwarven Warhammer of MightPhysicalFire2032
Dwarven Warhammer of SorceryPhysicalElectricity120112
Easter Basket2210
Easter Boots25131
Easter Hat2
Easter Shield3551
Egg Rod125Casting time: 2.7
Electric Easter Gloves6Electricity202
Enchanted Belt
Enchanted Gloves
Eskimo Hat2351
Evil Bomy Lord Helmet1202
Eye Shield26
Farming Hat112
Featherfolk Wings111
Fiendish Bamboo StickPhysicalDeath151
Fishing Hat1121-2
Fishing Rod
Flame Easter Gloves6Fire202
Flame Ice DaggerPhysicalFireCold6
Flaming SwordPhysicalFire9
Forest BowPhysical115
Forest Hat2515Kingdom: Forest2
Forest WandCasting time: 3
Fort Building
Full Helmet of Might310110-111
Gauntlets of LeucetiousBlind21515God Relic: Leucetious21
Gauntlets of Strength155102
Gauntlets of the Necromancer2Cold210-3
Ghost Mask2511520-25
Glok Belt125252
Gloves of Marksmanship3513
Gloves of the Archer121
Gloves of the SunFire211515God Relic: Brigid2
Gold Bracers4151012
Gold Fishing Hat2231-2
Golden Chain Mail530
Golden Chef's Hat15Creation1125
Golden EdgePhysical7
Golden Paladin Helmet415
Golden Pawn Helmet39
Golden Plate Mail536
Golden Warrior Helmet417
Graal Worker's Brush
Graal Worker's Lumber Axe
Graal Worker's Pick Axe5
Graal Worker's Shovel
Green Bunny Body
Green Bunny Head110112
Green Bunny Legs
Green Dragon AmuletMind215305
Green Dragon Amulet Fragment110152
Green Dragon ClawPhysicalPoison3
Green Dragon Shield22-10202
Green Dragonhide Gloves10151511
Green Easter Shield2101101
Green Winged Dwarf Helmet31011
Guardian DaggerPhysical815
Heart Shield11
Heart Shield of Health22152
Heart Wand101101
Helmet of Ogma2115151515God Relic: Ogma21
High Shield of Govannon420203030God Relic: Govannon1
Horned Shield27
Ice Axe of SwiftnessPhysicalCold74
Ice Bracers210551
Ice DaggerPhysicalCold6
Ice Dragon Staff15101
Ice Flaming SwordPhysicalCold9
Ice Shield21201
Ice Wand110
Icey Ring12
Icicle RingFrost2103
Icy Easter Gloves6Cold202
Imperial Shield of Dustari215Kingdom: Dustari, Unique21
Inferno SwordPhysicalFire12
Ivy BowPhysicalPoison151
Knight Boots28
Kurenai Joukai Royal Shield2151Kingdom: Kurenai Joukai, Unique2
Kurenai Joukai Shield2151-21
Leather Armour32010
Leather Armour of Mass32010
Leather Boots15
Leprechaun Boots25131
Leprechaun Hat213
Lightflame SwordPhysicalFireCold9
Love AxePhysicalBlinding410
Love BowPhysicalBlinding2172
Lucky Boots11011
Lumber Axe
Magnifying Glass11Slay Ant
Mining Hat26-211
Mithril Chainmail of Lightning of Leucetious41God Relic: Leucetious11
Mossy Boots2522
Nail DaggerPhysical4
Necromancer Cult Helmet3101122525-25
Necromancer Ring1220201
Necromancer Wand1225Casting Time: 2.7
Necromancers Battle Mail410122525
Orange Belt of Speed102102
Orange Bunny Body
Orange Bunny Head210212
Orange Bunny Legs
Orc Shield210-121
Party Hat13
Philosophers CloakTransmutation21
Phoenix Helmet3101101
Phoenix Shield252152
Pick AxePhysical
Pink Bunny Body
Pink Bunny Head110212
Pink Bunny Legs
Pink Easter Shield2102101
Pink Faerie StarPhysicalConfusion181
Pink Wizard Hat2110110Gracegen + 11
Pirate Boots28Kingdom: Crescent Pirates, Unique2
Pirate Hat25152
Pirate Skull Shield3Kingdom: Crescent Pirates, Unique21
Pirate's Ship Wheel Shield310Crescent Pirates, Unique21
Plate Mail of Balor520201515God Relic: Balor11
Plate Mail of Ogma5202030God Relic: Ogma11
Plate Mail of Power5102
Poison Easter Gloves6Poison202
Purple Bunny Body
Purple Bunny Head110112
Purple Bunny Legs
Purple Cloak of Sanctity111030
Purple Dragon AmuletSummoning230155
Purple Dragon Amulet Fragment115102
Purple Dragon ClawPhysicalElectricity3
Purple Dragon Shield2520-102
Purple Dragonhide Gloves1051511
Purple Easter Shield2101101
Purple Star Wizard Hat1221
Purple Wizard Hat111
Rabbit Tooth Charm5
Red Crystal Boots2510-101
Red Crystal Helmet3510-101
Red Crystal Mail3120-201
Red Dragon AmuletFire230155
Red Dragon Amulet Fragment115102
Red Dragon ClawPhysicalFire3
Red Dragon Shield310-10202
Red Dragonhide Gloves102013
Red Faerie StarPhysicalFire181
Red Jacket
Red Jacket With Yellow
Red Shirt Black Jacket
Red Winged Dwarf Helmet3101101
Ring of Acid2030
Ring of AdamantProtectionRestoration23110030
Ring of Adornment
Ring of Ancient Magic12125
Ring of Bandits121
Ring of Beguilement2
Ring of Combat101211-5211
Ring of ElrondProtectionFire, Restoration23210010030
Ring of Eternal Love
Ring of Fighting11212
Ring of FireFire30
Ring of Free Action3030100100
Ring of Halvor1001
Ring of High Magic22130
Ring of IceFrost30
Ring of Life2100100
Ring of Magic1120
Ring of MithrandirFire2222030
Ring of Occidental Mages
Ring of StormElectricity30
Ring of Strife115131-1-11-10312-1
Ring of the Dark PriestWounding-11Restoration1
Ring of the HealerRestoration11Wounding1
Ring of the PrelateAbjurationTurning112
Ring of Thieves2Stealth5
Ring of War220242-1-2-22-15423-2
Ring of Yordan12
Round Shield25
Sackrabbit Bunny Body
Sackrabbit Bunny Head110112
Sackrabbit Bunny Legs
Sakura BowPhysicalConfusion1712
Samurai Boots282
Samurai Kabuto25152
Samurai Rod
Samurai Shield26
Sandals of Steel115
Sapphire Wand15115Casting time: 2.71
Sash of Clarity112
Shamrock Amulet71
Shamrock Ring22102
Shamrock Staff104110Casting time: 2.71
Sharp EdgePhysical3
Shield of Govannon210101515God Relic: Govannon1
Shield of the Earth3201020-302020God Relic: Brigid2
Shield of Woe24-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Shining Finger21022
Shiny Shield28
Short Skull SwordPhysical5
Short SwordPhysical5
Silver Chain Mail426
Silver Gauntlets101
Silver Paladin Helmet311
Silver Pawn Helmet27
Silver Plate Mail430
Silver Star Robe115
Silver Warrior Helmet312
Skeleton Mask1-110
Skull Helmet3515151
Skull of the Devil4103015302
Skull SwordPhysical6
Snow Beanie2101020
Sorcerer's Cape115
Sorcerer's Hat11
Split BladePhysical7
St Patricks Crown3104130101
Staff of Variety110225Casting time: 2.65
Stealth Cloak15Stealth
Steel SwordPhysical7
Stone AxePhysical7
Talisman of FireFireFrost30
Talisman of FrostFrostFire30
Talisman of MissilesMissiles30
Talisman of the Unified MindSelfMind330
Thorin's Plate Mail61030God Relic: Govannon1
Toadstool Helmet210
Tower Shield430Reflect Missiles-11
Tradesman Shirt
Valentines Day Wand25125Casting Time: 2.7000000471
Vicious AxePhysical12
WandCasting Time: 3
Wand of Sorcery151120Casting time: 2.7000000471
War Horn
Watering Can
Werewolf Mask51
White Muscle Jacket
White Shirt
Winged Belt11-101511
Winter's Frost Shield of Loyalty210202130
Winter's Frost Shield of Power2123020
Wooden Wand55Casting time: 3
Woodsman Shirt
Yellow Bunny Body
Yellow Bunny Head110212
Yellow Bunny Legs
Yellow Crystal Amulet11
Yellow Crystal Shield211
Yellow Easter Shield2102101
Yellow Shirt
Yellow Wizard Hat110110Grace Gen + 1
Zormite BladePhysical9
Zormite Helmet2515Kingdom: Zormite2
Zormite Shield21511
Zormite Shield of Honor2151Kingdom: Zormite, Unique1