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Item ACSTRDEXCONWISPOWLUCKDAMArmourAttackType1SpeedWCAttuned1HPSPGPSustenanceResAciResColResConResDeaResDraResElecResFeaResFirResGhoResMagResPoiResSloResWeaSpecial
Aengus' Elven Gloves2Confusion1015God Relic: Aengus
Baker's Gloves11Creation2
Balor's Gloves11Drain101510
Blue Dragonhide Gloves1101515
Brigid's Earthly Gloves11Ghosthit10155God Relic: Brigid
Death Grips11Death10155
Electric Easter Gloves6Electricity220
Enchanted Gloves
Flame Easter Gloves6Fire220
Gauntlets of Leucetious21Electricity10God Relic: Leucetious
Gauntlets of Strength125510
Gauntlets of the Necromancer22Cold-310
Gloves of Marksmanship3153
Gloves of the Archer121
Govannon's Gloves2Fire1510God Relic: Govannon
Green Dragonhide Gloves11011515
Icy Easter Gloves6Cold220
Poison Easter Gloves6Poison220
Purple Dragonhide Gloves1101515
Red Dragonhide Gloves110320
Shining Finger22102
Silver Gauntlets10210
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional