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Item ACArmourAttuned1Attuned2CHACONDAMDEXINTLUCKMagicPOWRegenerationRepelled1ResAciResColResConResDeaResDepResDraResElecResFeaResFirResMagResParResSloSpecialSpeedSTRWCWIS
Alchemists RingTransmutation22224
Basic Constitution Ring11
Basic Dexterity Ring11
Basic Power Ring11
Basic Speed Ring12
Basic Strength Ring11
Basic Wisdom Ring11
Icey Ring12
Icicle RingFrost2103
Necromancer Ring1220201
Ring of Acid2030
Ring of AdamantProtectionRestoration23110030
Ring of Adornment
Ring of Ancient Magic12125
Ring of Bandits121
Ring of Beguilement2
Ring of Combat101211-5211
Ring of ElrondProtectionFire, Restoration23210010030
Ring of Eternal Love
Ring of Fighting11212
Ring of FireFire30
Ring of Free Action3030100100
Ring of Halvor1001
Ring of High Magic22130
Ring of IceFrost30
Ring of Life2100100
Ring of Magic1120
Ring of MithrandirFire2222030
Ring of Occidental Mages
Ring of StormElectricity30
Ring of Strife115131-1-11-10312-1
Ring of the Dark PriestWounding-11Restoration1
Ring of the HealerRestoration11Wounding1
Ring of the PrelateAbjurationTurning112
Ring of Thieves2Stealth5
Ring of War220242-1-2-22-15423-2
Ring of Yordan12
Shamrock Ring22102
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional