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Item ACArmourAttuned1CHACONDAMDEXGPHPINTLUCKMagicPOWRegenerationResAciResBliResColResDeaResDraResElecResFeaResFirResHolResPoiSPSpecialSpeedSTRSustenanceWIS
Aengus' Elven Hood21151530God Relic: Aengus21
Alchemists Hood15111
Angel Wing Helmet3151201521
Black Bunny Head110121
Blue Bunny Head110121
Blue Crystal Helmet3110-105
Bronze Pawn Helmet25
Bronze Warrior Helmet37
Bronze Warrior Helmet of Woe37-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Bunny Ears11
Chef's Hat10Creation12
Cowboy Hat13
Crown of Leucetious21151525God Relic: Leucetious21
Demonic Helmet3115201
DianCecht's Helmet211520God Relic: DianCecht21
Dustari Helmet25Kingdom: Dustari2
Easter Hat2
Eskimo Hat2351
Evil Bomy Lord Helmet1202
Farming Hat112
Fishing Hat1121-2
Forest Hat2515Kingdom: Forest2
Full Helmet of Might310110-111
Gold Fishing Hat2231-2
Golden Chef's Hat15Creation1125
Golden Paladin Helmet415
Golden Pawn Helmet39
Golden Warrior Helmet417
Green Bunny Head110112
Green Winged Dwarf Helmet31011
Helmet of Ogma2115151515God Relic: Ogma21
Leprechaun Hat213
Mining Hat26-211
Necromancer Cult Helmet3101122525-25
Orange Bunny Head210212
Party Hat13
Phoenix Helmet3101101
Pink Bunny Head110212
Pink Wizard Hat2110110Gracegen + 11
Pirate Hat25152
Purple Bunny Head110112
Purple Star Wizard Hat1221
Purple Wizard Hat111
Red Crystal Helmet3510-101
Red Winged Dwarf Helmet3101101
Sackrabbit Bunny Head110112
Samurai Kabuto25152
Silver Paladin Helmet311
Silver Pawn Helmet27
Silver Warrior Helmet312
Skull Helmet3515151
Skull of the Devil4103015302
Snow Beanie2101020
Sorcerer's Hat11
St Patricks Crown3104130101
Toadstool Helmet210
Yellow Bunny Head110212
Yellow Wizard Hat110110Grace Gen + 1
Zormite Helmet2515Kingdom: Zormite2
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional