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Item ACSTRDEXCONINTWISPOWCHALUCKDAMArmourSpeedHPSPGPSustenanceMagicResBliResColResConResDeaResElecResFeaResFirResGhoResHolResMagResPoiResWeaSpecial
Abomination Shield311510-1520
Alchemists Shield22251110
Angel Wing Shield21110251010
Arcane Shield21111010
Arcane shield of Sorcery21111010
Big Gingerbread Shield22521010
Black Easter Shield2110110
Black Phoenix Shield225215
Blue Dragon Shield22520-10
Blue Easter Shield2110110
Bone Shield210520
Brigid's Earthly Shield311152010God Relic: Brigid
Celtic Shield2231
Cross Shield25
Cyclop's Eye Shield311010-20
Cyclop's Eye Shield of Power3111510-15
Cyclops Eye Shield of Dexterity3111510-15
Demon Shield32151525
Demonic Shield31110210
DianCecht's Shield of Radiance41101015God Relic: DianCecht
Dustari Shield21152Kingdom: Dustari, Unique
Easter Basket2210
Easter Shield3155
Eternal Heart Shield of Health3121522010
Eye Shield26
Gingerbread Shield115155
Green Dragon Shield222-1020
Green Easter Shield2110110
Hallowed Shield of Amadola311102015
Halloween Shield2215115
Heart Shield11
Heart Shield of Health21225
High Shield of Govannon42152015God Relic: Govannon
Horned Shield27
Ice Shield21120
Imperial Shield of Dustari21152Kingdom: Dustari, Unique
Kurenai Joukai Royal Shield21152Kingdom: Kurenai Joukai, Unique
Kurenai Joukai Shield21152
Leaf Shield21510
Leaf Shield of Life2115101010
Orc Shield311-210210
Phoenix Shield225215
Pink Easter Shield2210110
Pirate Skull Shield312Kingdom: Crescent Pirates, Unique
Pirate's Ship Wheel Shield31102Crescent Pirates, Unique
Purple Dragon Shield22520-10
Purple Easter Shield2110110
Red Dragon Shield3210-1020
Red Leaf Shield2115115
Round Shield25
Round Shield of Govannon32152015God Relic: Govannon
Saints Shield31110251010
Samurai Shield26
Shield of Amadola211101515
Shield of Immortal Frost211101020
Shield of the Moon3111015105
Shield of Woe2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-14
Shiny Shield28
Spiked Shield213101
Tower Shield321010
Warder of Dawn22215
Warder of Dusk2221015
White Phoenix Shield225215
White Tree Shield221115
Winter's Frost Shield22110120
Winter's Frost Shield of Loyalty221102030
Winter's Frost Shield of Power2122030
Wreath Shield21151510
Yellow Crystal Shield21101
Yellow Easter Shield2210110
Yellow Leaf shield2115115
Zormite Shield21115
Zormite Shield of Honor21115Kingdom: Zormite, Unique
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional