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Item ACArmourCHACONDEXGPHPINTLUCKMagicPOWResColResConResDeaResElecResFeaResFirResHolResMagResPoiResWeaSPSpecialSpeedSTRSustenanceWIS
Cyclops Eye Shield of Dexterity315110-151
Abomination Shield31510-15201
Alchemists Shield25212101
Angel Wing Shield21010110521
Black Easter Shield2101011
Blue Dragon Shield2220-105
Blue Easter Shield2101011
Bone Shield210520
Celtic Shield2231
Cross Shield25
Cyclop's Eye Shield31010-201
Cyclop's Eye Shield of Power315101-151
Demon Shield31515252
Demonic Shield31011021
DianCecht's Shield of Radiance415203God Relic: DianCecht11
Dustari Shield215Kingdom: Dustari, Unique21
Easter Basket2210
Easter Shield3551
Eye Shield26
Green Dragon Shield22-10202
Green Easter Shield2101101
Heart Shield11
Heart Shield of Health22152
High Shield of Govannon420203030God Relic: Govannon1
Horned Shield27
Ice Shield21201
Imperial Shield of Dustari215Kingdom: Dustari, Unique21
Kurenai Joukai Royal Shield2151Kingdom: Kurenai Joukai, Unique2
Kurenai Joukai Shield2151-21
Orc Shield210-121
Phoenix Shield252152
Pink Easter Shield2102101
Pirate Skull Shield3Kingdom: Crescent Pirates, Unique21
Pirate's Ship Wheel Shield310Crescent Pirates, Unique21
Purple Dragon Shield2520-102
Purple Easter Shield2101101
Red Dragon Shield310-10202
Round Shield25
Samurai Shield26
Shield of Govannon210101515God Relic: Govannon1
Shield of the Earth3201020-302020God Relic: Brigid2
Shield of Woe24-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Shiny Shield28
Tower Shield430Reflect Missiles-11
Winter's Frost Shield of Loyalty210202130
Winter's Frost Shield of Power2123020
Yellow Crystal Shield211
Yellow Easter Shield2102101
Zormite Shield21511
Zormite Shield of Honor2151Kingdom: Zormite, Unique1
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional