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Item ACArmourCHACONDEXGPHPINTLUCKPOWResAciResColResDeaResDraResElecResFeaResFirResMagSpecialSpeedSTRWIS
Blue Crystal Mail31120-20
Bronze Chain Mail318
Bronze Plate Mail424
Bronze Plate Mail of Woe424-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Chainmail of Lightning211515God Relic: Leucitious21
Golden Chain Mail530
Golden Plate Mail536
Leather Armour32010
Leather Armour of Mass32010
Mithril Chainmail of Lightning of Leucetious41God Relic: Leucetious11
Necromancers Battle Mail410122525
Plate Mail of Balor520201515God Relic: Balor11
Plate Mail of Ogma5202030God Relic: Ogma11
Plate Mail of Power5102
Red Crystal Mail3120-201
Silver Chain Mail426
Silver Plate Mail430
Thorin's Plate Mail61030God Relic: Govannon1
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional