How many times Gandhiji visited kerala ?


Mahatma Gandhiji visted 5 times in kerala related to show support in various protest in kerala. First time he visited kerala for showing support to Khilafath Movement in 1920.He visted Malabar are at that time.he visited thalashery and kannur at the first visit Gandhiji's next vist was in 1925 March 8 to show support on vaikom satyagraha.he met with lot of prominent leaders in kerala at that time.he visited Sree Narayana Guru at varkala on his second visit Gandhijis Next visit at 1927 to discuss with the issue raised with Untouchability.He travelled across traavancore and tirukochi and talked at many rallies at kollam and kochi Next visits was at 1934 for raising funds for backwards.In that visit gandhiji surprise by the little girl kaumudi who donated all her ornaments to gandhiji in front of public. later gandhiji written this incident in his book under title "kaumudi ka tyag' Gandhiji's Last vist was at 1937 to celebrate temple entry proclamation. In that vist he met with Ayyankali and congratulate his effort to uplift the harijans.he met with various leaders at that final visit,


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