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Item ACArmourAttackType1Attuned1CONDAMDEXGPHPLUCKPOWResAciResColResElecResFirResPoiSPSpecialSpeedSTRSustenanceWCWIS
Baker's Gloves1Creation12
Blue Dragonhide Gloves1011551
Death Grips1Acid115115
Electric Easter Gloves6Electricity202
Flame Easter Gloves6Fire202
Gauntlets of LeucetiousBlind21515God Relic: Leucitious21
Gauntlets of Strength155102
Gauntlets of the Necromancer2Cold210-3
Gloves of the SunFire211515God Relic: Brigid2
Green Dragonhide Gloves10151511
Icy Easter Gloves6Cold202
Poison Easter Gloves6Poison202
Purple Dragonhide Gloves1051511
Red Dragonhide Gloves102013
Silver Gauntlets101