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Item ACSTRDEXCONINTWISPOWCHALUCKSpeedAttuned1HPSustenanceRegenerationResColResElecResFeaResFirResHolResMagResPoiResSloSell Price
Adventurer's Mantle11038
Adventurers Backpack1115
Aurum Garb1115
Blue Xmas Scarf23076
Brown Xmas Scarf23076
Bunny Tail121
Cloak of Eternal Flame1115
Cloak of Eternal Frost11315
Cloak of Minor Protection2101
Cloak of Passion2138
Featherfolk Wings111
Gold Cloak1111538
Green Xmas Scarf23076
Halloween Cloak11310540
Philosophers Cloak21Transmutation38
Purple Cloak of Sanctity111030
Purple Xmas Scarf23076
Red Xmas Scarf23076
Silver Star Robe11538
Sorcerer's Cape1152
Stealth Cloak111063
White Philosophers Cloak21Transmutation38
Yellow Xmas Scarf23076
Yeti Cloak112538
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional