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Item STRDEXCONWISPOWLUCKArmourSpeedAttuned1SustenanceRegenerationResColResDeaResFeaResFirResMagResPoiSell Price
Amulet of Mistletoe222
Amulet of Shielding20319
Assassin's Amulet1110319
Blue Dragon Amulet5Frost23015819
Blue Dragon Amulet Fragment211510563
Dwarven Amulet111319
Green Dragon Amulet5Mind21530819
Green Dragon Amulet Fragment211015563
Pumpkin Amulet221010319
Purple Dragon Amulet5Summoning23015819
Purple Dragon Amulet Fragment211510563
Rabbit Tooth Charm531
Red Dragon Amulet5Fire23015819
Red Dragon Amulet Fragment211510563
Shamrock Amulet17319
Sigil of Thunder12Electricity524
Yellow Crystal Amulet11319
Yeti Fang Amulet-1111319
Weapon Shield Head Mask Bracer Neck Cape Ring Glove Body Waist Foot Top Legs Additional